Online shop integration

Advantages of the whitepaper for your company:

  Current challenges in the connection of online shops

  Concrete solution for an efficient shop connection

  Presentation of our e-commerce solution

This is how you succeed in connecting your shop efficiently

How well your online shop is connected to the rest of the IT landscape is becoming more and more decisive. If the systems are not efficiently linked, the smooth and fast process handling is considerably impeded. Particularly in online trading, stable systems and the immediate processing of orders are regarded as decisive criteria for purchasing. Only very few customers will forgive delays or even delivery failures due to technical problems.

In the whitepaper we show you expert tips on the subject of shop connection. You will learn how to integrate your online shop precisely into your existing IT landscape. The white paper focuses on the integration of Magento Shops. The described functionality is also suitable for most other shop systems.

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About Scheer PAS & BRIDGE

The Scheer Process Automation Suite (Scheer PAS) is the complete platform that combines all important components for digitization.
You decide which digitization components and solutions you need for your company’s requirements.
Our customers benefit from a very broad and fast scalability of the product suite, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

With the highly innovative middleware Scheer PAS BRIDGE (formerly E2E BRIDGE), we are one of the world’s leading quality suppliers in the field of
IT integration. For more than 20 years, BRIDGE has offered customers from more than 50 countries the full flexibility to comprehensively adapt their business models at any time. Thanks to the model-driven low-code approach, changes are made transparently, quickly and cost-effectively within your existing IT infrastructure.