Process Automation in the Energy Sector

How can process automation in the energy industry be designed efficiently? In this whitepaper, we present the challenges and solutions surrounding the topic of Energy 4.0.

In our Whitepaper we show you compactly:

  The challenges facing the energy market
  Which steps are important and how they are implemented in detail
  EVN Best Practice Case Study

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About Scheer PAS & BRIDGE

The Scheer Process Automation Suite (Scheer PAS) is the complete platform that combines all important components for digitization.
You decide which digitization components and solutions you need for your company’s requirements.
Our customers benefit from a very broad and fast scalability of the product suite, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

With the highly innovative middleware Scheer PAS BRIDGE (formerly E2E BRIDGE), we are one of the world’s leading quality suppliers in the field of
IT integration. For more than 20 years, BRIDGE has offered customers from more than 50 countries the full flexibility to comprehensively adapt their business models at any time. Thanks to the model-driven low-code approach, changes are made transparently, quickly and cost-effectively within your existing IT infrastructure.