White paper Digital Commerce

Benefits of the white paper for your organization:

  Gain an insight into state-of-the-art technology
  Digitization opportunities for Retail 4.0
  Strategy development: core questions for your digital commerce strategy
  Successful project implementation showcased by an online shop / ERP project.
  Implementation of your digital commerce strategy with the our E-commerce middleware

Create the perfect shopping experience for your customers

The digital transformation is changing all sectors and all markets. The numbers prove that e-commerce has come of age. We are experiencing a development from consumer goods/retail to omni-channel commerce. Retailers are facing particular challenges; ones resulting especially from digitization along with the change from a classic seller’s market to a market in which the customer and consumer are the primary focus. These days, customers are demanding an individualized and seamless shopping experience going beyond all channels and touchpoints.

In our new white paper Digital Commerce you can read about how to create the perfect shopping experience for your customers. In addition you will learn about which opportunities digitization is making possible for the retail sector and which challenges need to be met by manufacturers and retailers. A particular highlight for readers, based on real life examples, is also finding out how your project can be successfully implemented with the help of the Scheer E-commerce solution.

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