Case study on omni-channel integration at Welkoop

Benefits of the case study for your organization:

  • Challenges in E-Commerce
  • Gain an insight into the Omni Channel Information Model
  • Best practice example of omni-channel integration 

In order to offer customers a unified shopping experience in a stationary retail environment, as well as an online shopping environment, outdated systems must be able to meet the challenges presented by the modern requirements of omni-channel retailing.

Thanks to E2E BRIDGE Welkoop was able to achieve the change from batch operation to real time processing without any negative impact on its daily business. Expert knowledge no longer lies exclusively with external service providers but with IT employees themselves. This way, future integration projects can be conducted faster and at lower cost.

Read the case study and learn how the integration of an omni-channel platform by Welkoop with E2E BRIDGE was achieved without risk.   

Welkoop Case Study

Our IT department can now quickly meet the challenges set by our operations team. Regardless of where the request comes from, be it management, logistic department, within the delivery chain or from another area, with E2E BRIDGE we can deliver the solution independently and fast.

– Carel van Rijsewijk, Manager ICT, Welkoop

Definition of an omni-channel platform

The term omni-channel stands for the close interlinking of differing sales channels whereby the boundaries between stationary retail operations and online retailing become blurred. This way every channel can be used in parallel and differing customer groups can be serviced at the same time. As a further development of the multi-channel approach (see more on multi-channel integration) omni channel retailing offers even more benefits: sales promotions can be offered in parallel in both the online and stationary channels. Customers benefit from a seamless shopping experience across all channels and an increase in flexibility.

A central platform over which every process can be managed in real time is important for a successful omni-channel strategy. The internal IT infrastructure and the varying systems (for example goods management systems, till systems, CRM systems etc.) can be connected efficiently and in a targeted way over such an omni-channel platform. This way the faster flow of information and communication can be ensured and greater transparency made possible.

About Welkoop

Welkoop Rail BV was founded in 1899 under the name „Het Centraal Bureau” as a small agricultural trading company. Today, the company operates specialist retail outlets for gardens and pet accessories under the name Welkoop. Welkoop also licenses the operation of these specialist stores. In total there are over 150 stores with a total of 1500 employees in the Netherlands. 125 staff at Welkoop focus on making sure that the specialist dealers can concentrate fully on their customers. Amongst other functions, support, HR and IT are all organized centrally.