Case study on mulitchannel integration at PKZ

Benefits of the case study for your organization:

  • Benefit from expert knowledge
  • Strategies to prepare ERP systems for real-time operation
  • Best practice example of e-commerce integration

In order to offer its customers a crosschannel shopping experience, PKZ defined a 24/7 multichannel approach as central to its e-commerce strategy. The traditional stationary business model was enhanced to include a modern e-commerce concept. For the modernization of its business processes the E2E BRIDGE middleware served as the central data hub in the transformation of the order handling process from batch operation to 24/7 real time business operation which included all available sales channels.

Thanks to E2E BRIDGE PKZ was able to change its business processes without affecting its daily business operations.

Read the case study and learn how PKZ was able to master the challenges of its multichannel e-commerce integration.  

PKZ Case Study

E2E brings technical and nontechnical stakeholders to the table. This guarantees business-oriented process integration without misunderstandings.

– Peter Temberli, CFO, PKZ Group

Definition of multichannel integration

Multichannel integration is the bringing together of operations for stationary retailing and online shopping. In this way online and offline sales channels are tightly interlinked with each other. As a rule, should the comprehensive interlinking of business models be successful then significant synergies can be achieved. The differing channels often address differing target audiences. This can lead to increased market coverage amongst other things.

Multichannel alignment benefits not only retailers but customers also, as long as the implementation of the integration strategy is tightly executed. Customers can examine products in the store, benefiting thereby from personal service, and get further information, or order the goods, directly from the internet. This way a perfectly unified shopping experience is created. Despite the integration, it is important that a unified image of the company continues to be conveyed to the customer – whether in a stationary retail outlet or in the online shop.


About PKZ

The PKZ Group with headquarters in Urdorf is one of the leading retailers in Switzerland. It consists of the fashion retail chains Burger, PKZ, Feldpausch, Blue Dog and Paul Kehl. To this date, the group operates as a family business, employs about 700 coworkers and in 2011 achieved revenues of 204 million Swiss Francs.