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Description of Kneipp’s Omni-Channel Strategy

In order to withstand the increasing pressure of digitalization, the traditional company Kneipp relies on a comprehensive Omni-Channel strategy. The decisive factor here is to link the various sales channels centrally. The close integration of the flagship stores and the online shop is achieved using the E2E BRIDGE integration platform.


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Kneipp Case Study

The number of integration options and flexibility are just as outstanding as the speed of implementation.

Manja Kuntzsch, Head of Digital Media Kneipp GmbH


Definition Omni-Channel Strategy

The term Omni-Channel describes the integration and simultaneous use of the sales channels that are available to a company. These may be two or more channels. When integrating all channels, offline and digital, the focus lies on a seamless and consistent customer experience.

The Omni-Channel strategy describes the plan, as well as the action that the company will take to achieve your goal. The company estimates which instruments – in this case software – make sense for your strategy.

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About Kneipp

„Kneipp works, naturally“ – In 1891, the effective naturopathic studies of the health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation stone for the emergence and development of today’s Kneipp GmbH and the Kneipp® brand. Kneipp is now an internationally operating company based in Würzburg and exports popular body care and bath products as well as pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements to many countries all over the world.

About Scheer E2E AG

Scheer E2E AG ( E2E ), one of the world’s leading quality providers in the field of IT integration, offers the highly innovative integration platform E2E BRIDGE. The company, headquartered in Basel (Switzerland), was founded in 1996 and has been successfully developing integration solutions for customers in 50 countries worldwide for over 20 years. Scheer E2E AG has been part of the Scheer group of companies since 2010. E2E offers customers from almost all industries full flexibility to comprehensively adapt their business models at any time. Thanks to our model-driven approach, changes are made transparently, quickly and cost-effectively within your existing IT infrastructure.

Since 2018, E2E BRIDGE has been the integration module of the new Scheer Process Automation Suite (Scheer PAS). Scheer PAS is the comprehensive platform that combines all important components for digitalization. You decide which digitalization components and solutions you need to meet your company’s requirements. Our customers benefit from a very broad and fast scalability of the product suite, whether on-premise or in the cloud. For your integration project, we offer you everything from a single source. With the API management component you have full control and transparency over all connected interfaces. With our EDI via E2E BRIDGE solution, we deliberately avoid transaction-based costs and instead offer you complete compatibility with all common formats and standards at an attractive price.