E2E BRIDGE as future-proof EDI Software (AS2/OFTP2)

Scheer E2E AG is offering an innovative new EDI solution for the EDI connection of communication partners and the exchange of messages. The E2E BRIDGE enhancement goes far beyond what other adapters available in the market usually offer: it is fully fledged EDI software with a user interface for the administration and control of the entire electronic communication exchange.

EDI via E2E BRIDGE creates complete independence from external service providers. All your partners can be connected and your messages processed without limits from your own IT environment. This way all the on-going costs for the connection of individual partners and the transaction-based costs for the exchange of information cease to apply. This carries the possibility of significant savings, especially for B2B companies with a high frequency of electronic data transfers. In addition it is possible to merge existing E2E BRIDGE functionality, such as mapping implementation, system integration or BPMN, seamlessly with the EDI interface. This way, end-to-end tests of the entire handling process are possible without any additional effort.

Quite differently from many other providers, the format of the messages is not an issue. XML, CSV, SAP IDOC or X12 formats as well as well as messages in common UN/EDIFACT formats can be exchanged. In addition EDIFACT subsets as well as sector specific messaging standards such as HL7 or VDA are supported. This way there are no limitations in respect of systems (for example ERP systems or Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision) for which messages can be sent or received.

The choice of communication partner is also unlimited. All endpoints can be connected as long as the partner uses one of the message protocols listed below for the data transfer.

Our EDI solution at a glance

The solution is Drummond / DGI (UCC) certified. Messages can be sent and received via HTTP or HTTPS. Confirmation of receipt of messages can follow synchronously and asynchronously.


Currently, the following transfer protocols, encryption processes and signatures are supported:

EDI transfer protocols:

  • AS1
  • AS2
  • AS3
  • AS4
  • OFTP2
  • RNIF 2.0

Encryption processes:

  • 3DES
  • DES
  • AESCBC128
  • AESCBC192
  • AESCBC256


  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • MD5

EDI in overview