Welkoop offers its customers now a perfect shopping experience thanks to E2E Commerce – both online and offline!

About Welkoop

Welkoop Rail BV was founded in 1899 under the name “Het Centraal Bureau” as a small agricultural trading company. Today, the company operates specialist retail outlets for gardens and pet accessories. Welkoop also licenses the operation of these specialist stores. In total there are over 150 stores with a total of 1.500 employees in the Netherlands. 125 staff at Welkoop focus on making sure that the specialist dealers can concentrate fully on their customers. Amongst other functions, support, HR and IT are all organized centrally.

In line with our experience in the market, we anticipated a project duration of two months for the realization of the interfaces for our new POS system. Using E2E Commerce we realized the interfaces by ourselves in under two weeks.

– Carel van Rijsewijk, Manager ICT, Welkoop



  • „Data system based ERP
  • More than 40 Point-to-Point-Integrations via FTP transfer
  • New integrations were realized by service providers
  • Inadequate documentation of interfaces


  • Omni-channel-information model and integration platform
  • Templates and libraries as basis for new integration services
  •  Monitoring of integration and mapping


  • Continuous adaptation to the changing demands of the business
  • Transparency over all interfaces
  • Quick analysis and access to all interfaces
  • Despite changes and adaptations always full control over IT functions
  • Goods and customer information is always up-to-date: on every channel
  • Unified model based platform replaces 40+ Point-to-Point integrations
  • Internal IT employees realise previously outsourced integration projects themselves
  • New business ideas can be realized in cooperation between business and IT
  • The E2E platform facilitates seamless support to the business of Welkoop