E-Commerce Components

A successful multi-channel strategy is only as good as the interaction between its component parts.

Quick implementation with preconfigured best practice processes

Pre-defined integration processes between individual components such as web shop, ERP, CRM, logistics and payment systems enable their quick use and adaption to your individual requirements.

Kickstart for your implementation

Readily available system-interfaces are usually generic, not process-oriented and require considerable IT know-how. Implementation times running to weeks and months are not acceptable. With E2E commerce you can react within hours and days to necessary modifications.

E2E-Commerce Webshop ERP CRM
business process

Business Agility – react quickly and flexibly


Via our micro-services-architecture, specialist departmental requirements are gathered in the form of business processes and translated into small, autonomously executable services in the E2E Commerce solution. The benefit of this approach is that new functionalities can be made available quickly and easily at multiple times during the day, thus enabling a targeted response to new requirements in a short time.

These agile methods make the E2E Commerce solution an extremely flexible and highly modern E-commerce environment open for future trends and technologies.

Monitoring and control your E-Commerce landscape

Each Micro-service consist of an analyzer interface providing data for the centralized data warehouse. This allows wide control and detailed reporting of all services. This can happen either via the included E2E Dashboards or any other BI tool using the standardized snowflake schema.

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