Transaction security

With integration solutions it must be ensured that data will actually arrive and not be lost, even in cases of a power outage. In E2E BRIDGE the process logic of such critical transactions is mapped in UML State machines whose internal status persists (stored) with each change in status. In addition, the entire history of status changes persists in a “history” state that, in case of an error, can be restarted via a retry-signal. This restarts processing at the point at which the error had previously occurred.

This way an extremely error-tolerant integration solution can be built with minimal modelling effort.



One of the most interesting features of the E2E technology is the use of BPMN, which enables development of such State Machines in a collective effort between business, IT and other stakeholders. At the click of a mouse these BPMN models can be converted into executable state machines.

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