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Since our foundation in 1996 the optimal interplay between the most diverse IT applications of our customers has been at the heart of what we do. We are the IT integration experts. What drives us is a desire to achieve the optimal business result from each application landscape. You can expect of us that we will provide an integration solution tailored to your business requirements and not an “off-the-shelf” interface.

With our unique and high quality E2E BRIDGE integration platform we also create the perfect interplay for your IT application landscape.



xUML Micro Services

xUML micro services: services independent of each other in autonomous operating system processes, based on BPMN and UML models. The technological heart of every E2E integration solution.
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Transaction security

Transaction security in modelled integration processes: with persistent state services we guarantee that even with long-duration transactions no data will be lost. In addition, these services can be easily generated by BPMN models.
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Security Interceptor

Modelled security and forensic analysis through model-based integration in any IAM system.
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Ypsomed plays it save with the trusted technology of E2E BRIDGE

« Process integration & automation are essential growth engines. With E2E we have the perfect partner to stay in control as we re-wire our business processes.
Fernand Portenier, Head of IT Ypsomed

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