Maintain a complete overview

Traditional BI and control programs focus mainly on individual IT systems but not on the interaction between them. As a result, a genuinely comprehensive overview of your business is missing.

Our dashboards take a different approach: both operational processes and their integration are displayed. Instead of a patchwork solution we make possible an end2end overview that is deserving of the name. With this approach you maintain a continuous overview of all the IT systems and manual tasks (UI) involved. With the standardized cockpit, your entire system is in view at all times.

The dashboards bridge the gap between management performance indicators and technical system information. Your sales turnover is as transparent in the dashboards as the reaction times of your systems. For each E2E BRIDGE process you will see clear graphical depictions of the process instance as well as all the relevant process parameters. In addition, parameters and processes from other systems can be easily integrated into the dashboard via a simple Rest API. And not least you also have the possibility of defining actions which you can then easily activate by mouse click for every process instance.
The dashboards are as clearly arranged as they are comprehensive. For both your IT and your specialist departments this offers you significant benefits.

Benefits for your IT:

  • Overview of your entire IT landscape
  • Early identification of trends, before they cause problems
  • Transparent analysis of cluster installations

Benefits for your specialist departments:

  • Direct overview of weaknesses in your processes. For example, you will see immediately if particular process steps take too long or are overloaded.
  • You will see an analysis of exactly those processes which important to you.
  • You can analyse your system without the need for prior knowledge of dependencies.

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Model-based approach

We work with understandable models and not complex codes, and this way create a common language for your IT and specialist departments.

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All process operations are protocolled at a byte level and can be reconstructed completely.

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