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Because of the rising number of systems and components the complexity of comprehensive solutions in business is also increasing. The topic of transparency is therefore becoming ever more important. Misunderstandings and lack of clarity put a brake on cooperation and the innovative power of employees. For this reason transparency is particularly important in three areas:

  • With the collaborative development of solutions between business and IT. Both partners must ensure common understanding of the problem and the solution to it.
  • Interface processes: also, but especially so by the collection of data about the most important processes (e.g. how long does the process come to a standstill during a particular manual approval process?)
  • With the analysis of errors and deviations (e.g. “the order Nr 1234 from the Shop did not arrive in the ERP system)

E2E BRIDGE is the specialist for system transparency across your systems

Our intuitive model-based approach will simplify communications in your company considerably and intensify the cooperation between IT and specialist departments. At the same time you have full control over your business with our analysis tools.


Model-based approach

We work with understandable models and not complex codes, and this way create a common language for your IT and specialist departments.

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With the standardized cockpit you have all your processes in view at all times.

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All process operations are protocolled at a byte level and can be reconstructed completely.

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Nikon is using E2E BRIDGE to minimise the complexity

« E2E reduced the complexity of integration so much, that business users were able to lead the project.»
Laurent Christen, Head of Direct Sales, Nikon Europe BV

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