Performance for your business

Our services are model based. The adapters used in the models run natively and therefore with high performance levels. All web-service communication and processing is native, alongside practically all other protocols supported. Various adapters use native clients from other systems, for example all commonly available database systems (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL). This way a focus on performance optimization is only necessary in exceptional circumstances which seldom occur.

Independant processes with a minimal footprint

Each service runs as an independent process at an operating system level with a minimal memory footprint. The operating system resources are therefore the only resources that our processes have to share. For garbage collection we rely on reference counting and this way can immediately release memory for each process. Because our services are independent processes, garbage collection is independent of other services. A protracted optimization of garbage collection (GC) parameters is not necessary. Scaling is not made more difficult through GC pauses. The threading model implemented makes possible the optimal utilization of multi-core environments and therefore a nearly linear scaling.

We have made sure that valuable project time is available for the implementation of project requirements. For performance you can rely on E2E BRIDGE!

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