High availability

E2E BRIDGE supports your operations team with a powerful E2E console which ensures high levels of service availability and so minimizes downtime.


No Single Point of Failure

Our solution architecture consists not of a monolithic service but of individual independent services which can each be executed in their own process areas. This means that an (unanticipated) service termination only affects this particular service and never the entire system. This way we achieve extremely high levels of stability and avoid a “single point of failure”.

Monitoring and Automatic Restart

The status of each service is continuously monitored. At a glance, the E2E console offers an overview of all services running as well as their current status:

Via the E2E console the „automatic restart“ option can be activated for each service. With this option the service starts automatically after it has been ended by an exceptional event (e.g. “out of memory”, system crash etc.)

The „automatic restart“ function is in this way intelligent and monitors whether the service is still “alive” for a set minimum time after the restart. Should this not be the case, then the service shuts itself down after a defined number of restart attempts and sends a corresponding notification to our monitoring function.

Intelligent Alarm Reports

Naturally, the causes of emergency state situations should be analysed. Every service termination, every exception unprocessed by the service as well as each “error” report logged is captured by E2E monitoring and sent by email to your operations team. In addition a JIRA ticket can also be created automatically. In the corresponding UI you can define exactly how, and how often, each emergency state should be reported based on its identifier. Where a data error repeats itself, for example, a corresponding email can be sent to the specialist department along with a commentary such as “please amend the currency for this item to EURO and resend”. With the correct settings and with the help of E2E monitoring, problems can be identified by the operations team before the specialist department is aware of them (and in the worst case keeps sending incorrect data over a number of hours which must then be labouriously corrected)


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High execution speed

our services are model based and these models are directly executed in our optimized run-time environment. The components and adapters used run natively and are therefore high performance

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Pre-fabricated building blocks

pre-defined processes and re-usable solution building blocks for the most common integration scenarios.

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