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Advances in technology are running at an ever quicker pace and are creating enormous challenges for most sectors. Firstly, the need for continuous adaptation is created and optimal support for quick problem analysis and correction is indispensable. We support this with efficient tracing and a high degree of agility. A further challenge has resulted out of advances in technology: the need to reliably process ever more data in ever less time. Special integration solutions that are primarily implemented for data exchange between systems are characterized by the following:

  • extremely powerful execution of integration logic
  • extremely high availability, above all since downtime means time lost
  • pre-defined solution building blocks for typical integration scenarios make possible the quick implementation of powerful overall solutions

High execution speed

our services are model based and these models are directly executed in our optimized run-time environment. The components and adapters used run natively and are therefore high performance.

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Avoidance of downtime

the powerful E2E console ensures high service availability and so minimizes downtime.

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Pre-fabricated building blocks

pre-defined processes and re-usable solution building blocks for the most common integration scenarios.

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