Automation Support

Agility lives off the automation of the same repeating activities: build, test and deployment. Only when these activities run at the flick of a switch is the way free for short release cycles. If the activities of build, test and deployment take a number of days then the temptation exists to do this as seldom as possible.

On the other hand, when these activities run automatically and quickly then, per day, more features can be brought to go-live. A pre-requisite here is mostly that all activities required can be initiated from the command line (or shell) or, as it is termed today, can be scripted. Only in this way can large and complex overall solutions with their internal dependencies be administered in a fully automated way by dedicated continuous integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins.

Build und test automation

Regression tests with the Analyzer

Over and above this special test scenarios can be created and bundled for regression tests with the Analyzer. These can be initiated by the command-line version (RegTestRunner) of the Analyzer and thus integrated in any number of test scripts and automation solutions (such test runs are issued in the well-known JUnit format which can be understood and interpreted by most testing tools).

Special testing steps can be built into such regression tests, including amongst others a build step. In this way E2E services can also be compiled from the command-line. A command-line version of the Compiler is in the current development roadmap.

SOAP and REST Interfaces

E2E services offer outward facing standard interfaces such as REST and SOAP. Within UML service models classes such as <<E2E Testable>> can be marked and this way their methods are provided by a dedicated Test-SOAP interface. E2E services are therefore inherently compatible with the most commonly available test tools (for example SoapUI).

Deployment automation

E2E Console Command Line Interface (CLI)

In order to be able to start, stop and deploy services from the command-line we have published guidelines here.

E2E Console REST API

In addition, the latest version of our console offers a REST API, with can be automated for further typical steps, for example the changing of service parameters or the setting of log levels.

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Agile approach model

We offer an agile approach model developed especially for integration projects which supports agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban in your projects.

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Agile solution architecture

All our integration solutions follow a micros-services architecture which allows an iterative approach. The deployment of new or adapted services is executed in seconds.

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