Act quickly when changes occur

E2E BRIDGE offers you an architecture that allows you to focus and act quickly when changes occur.

E2E integration solutions consist of multiple micro services which communicate amongst each other via established standards (SOAP, REST) each run as an independent operating system process.

The increase in the resource requirements (CPUs, RAM) of an integration solution is linear in relation to its complexity. E2E BRIDGE does not therefore bring resource hungry needs with it. Small solutions are in particular frugal in their resource requirements.


Individual integration paths

Individual integration paths (e.g. the acceptance of orders from an online shop in the ERP system) can be developed, changed, tested and deployed in isolation without affecting other parts of the integration solution. This means:

  • You have no down-time with the launch of new or changed services (See also SPEED)
  • You have significantly reduced requirements for regression testing

With this architecture E2E integration solutions can be run anywhere where a 64-bit operating system (Linux or Windows) is available, in particular and also in cloud infrastructures.

Existing system interfaces can be analysed, encapsulated and automatically re-documented in UML via the comprehensive import mechanisms in E2E BRIDGE.

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Agile approach model

We offer an agile approach model developed especially for integration projects which supports agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban in your projects.

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Automation support

Automation for continuous delivery: we offer automation support for installation and operation, for full compatibility with continuous delivery platforms (e.g. Jenkins).

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