Agile system integration

Especially at a time in which planning security is decreasing and technology cycles are becoming ever shorter, one thing is decisive – adaptability.

There is simply not enough time and money to start everything, every time, from scratch. The clever re-use of existing systems is therefore a must. This re-use is also in particular necessary to maximise the return on existing investments.

Thanks to the integrative approach of E2E BRIDGE, your IT structure can be flexibly adapted. This way you increase the future sustainability of your systems and at the same time become more independent of individual suppliers.

To be agile you must adapt your systems quickly to new challenges. This requires:

  • that you adapt the corresponding component parts of your solution without significant lead times
  • that you adapt the corresponding components in isolation of the others and without having to run regression tests for the complete solution
  • that you take changed or new components into production quickly and without interruption

Stay flexible

E2E BRIDGE makes full flexibility possible. Since the initial release of E2E BRIDGE, agility has been our highest priority. The model based approach (see xUML micro services) ensures that what needs to be done is directly clear, without the need to study documentation at length. And naturally we support the agile lifecycle of your projects:


Agile solution architecture

All our integration solutions follow a micros-services architecture which allows an iterative approach. The deployment of new or adapted services is executed in seconds.

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Automation support

Automation for continuous delivery: we offer automation support for installation and operation, for full compatibility with continuous delivery platforms (e.g. Jenkins).

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Agile approach model

We offer an agile approach model developed especially for integration projects which supports agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban in your projects.

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 EVN is using E2E BRIDGE to optimise its business

« The E2E BRIDGE was selected based on development speed ability to reduce total cost, architectural flexibility and an unprecedented approach to software quality – the perfect complement to SAP PI. »
– Dr. Ralf Banning, Senior Consultant, contexo

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