E2E Commerce – The solution for your e-commerce integration

With E2E Commerce we offer a powerful framework for the integration of e-commerce components. We do this by drawing on our many years of experience in the area of system integration. E2E Commerce includes a wide number of functionalities proven in practice which enable extremely robust operations focussed on your needs, whichever system is in use. E2E Commerce takes into account not only the sales side with its online shop, but enables the automated processing of data from suppliers. In this way all data flows are documented and the complete transfer of data is guaranteed: even when a system may be temporarily unavailable.

Problems often occur with the integration of online shops into an existing IT environment. Existing processes were not set up with an online shop in mind and data structures differ widely. This leads to a loss of flexibility and causes a great deal of extra work. With E2E Commerce missing functionalities can be added easily without the need to change the existing systems.

Your benefits with E2E Commerce

  • A solution proven in practice that can be adapted precisely to your needs
  • Experience project partners
  • Multiple compatibility
  • Flexible upgrading thanks to Microservices Architektur
  • High levels of reliability 
  • Data flows are completely transparent
  • Data analysis is possible with external tools
  • Monitoring and data visualization during run-time
  • System failure scenarios taken into account

E2E Commerce – Enterprise E-Commerce Integration

E2E Commerce enables you to implement complex e-commerce projects quickly. Thanks to pre-defined processes which, from our years of experience, have become examples of “best- practice” you can avoid the typical problems found in e-commerce integration projects. Only if your online shop is optimally integrated is it possible to operate it efficiently and with a minimum of manual intervention.

For this reason we offer various data transfer strategies with which we can de-couple your systems completely. Depending on requirements your data can be transferred synchronously or asynchronously. In addition we can choose between differing transfer modes (full-load, delta-load, bulk-load…) or combinations of modes and thus provide data to each system based on its capabilities.

Which combination best suits your needs depends on your system landscape but also on many other factors (for example “When should prices be updated?”) We would be happy to support you with our experience.

Dashboards & Monitoring

All data transfers are protocolled by E2E Commerce and are fully transparent. The data you want can be visualized and analysed during runtime in the E2E dashboard. This way you can react to events quickly and in a targeted way. The data basis is stored in an open format in a data base so that it can be used by BI solutions that may already be available.

Should a technical or content related error occur defined contact persons are contacted directly by e-mail. We anticipate the integration of a ticketing system such as JIRA that can be used with just a few adaptations.

E-Commerce Integration in overview