White paper E-Commerce Integration

Benefits of the white paper for your organization:

  Today’s challenges in online shop integration

  Gain an insight into state-of-the-art technology
  Concrete solution pathway for efficient system integration using E2E Commerce
  Explanation of relevant components of E2E Commerce for your online shop integration


How you can succeed an effecient e-commerce integration:

The topic of system integration in e-commerce is becoming ever more important. If IT-systems are not efficiently linked, the seamless and quick execution of processes is made significantly more difficult. Stable systems and the prompt processing of orders are critical factors in purchasing decisions, especially in online retailing. Technical problems leading to delays, or even the inability to deliver, will be forgiven by only a very few customers.

In this free white paper we will give you expert tips on the topic of online-shop integration and you will learn how you can integrate your online shop perfectly into your existing IT landscape. The focus of the white paper is on the integration of Magento Shops. The functional mechanism described here lends itself to most other shop systems as well.

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E2E Magento Whitepaper

Magento Whitepaper

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