Case study on IT modernization at dodenhof

Benefits of the case study for your organization:

  • Central integration platform
  • Scheer PAS as central data hub
  • Insights in IT modernization

In many companies the numbers of different IT systems in operation has grown significantly over the years. Heterogeneous systems which are insufficiently well connected with each other represent a significant risk to corporate flexibility.

In order to transfer existing systems into a modern IT landscape and, at the same time, avoid the risks associated with system migration, the retailer dodenhof adopted a model based integration approach. In this project E2E BRIDGE functions as the central data hub. Since the IT modernization project dodenhof has benefited from comprehensively documented interfaces and efficiently integrated cash till systems. This has ensure high levels of flexibility and transparency for the business.

Read the case study and learn how the modernization of its IT systems was achieved by dodenhof free of risk.  

dodenhof Case Study

Thanks to E2E BRIDGE we can avoid a big-bang-modernization with an uncertain outcome. Old systems will be contained and, fully controled, replaced with new functions.

– Andreas Iken, CIO, dodenhof

Definition IT modernization

The digital world is developing without interruption and new requirements are being created continuously – this particularly affects company IT infrastructures. System landscapes that have grown historically are often no longer able to fulfil strategic company expectations. Over the years in many organizations application landscapes have been constantly amended and enhanced. They now represent rigid structures. Complex interfaces, insufficient and opaque documentation as well as outdated development environments and obsolete technologies are a clear indication of the need to act.

IT modernization adapts systems to the requirements of digitization. The aims of a modernization strategy are often to restore corporate flexibility, to increase turnover and to reduce costs.

Fundamentally, modernization means the breaking open of outdated structures in order to re-design them to provide more dynamism, flexibility and efficiency. The modernization of IT systems goes hand-in-hand with the migration of legacy systems: in today’s world IT modernization and IT migration are unavoidable.

Dodenhof IT Modernisierung

About dodenhof

About dodenhof | dodenhof is northern Germany’s biggest Shopping-Centre which has alone at its Headquarters in Posthausen, near Bremen, a 120.000 m² sales floor with numerous product lines. The products on offer range from household furnishings, fashion and home technology to sport and a world of luxury consumer goods. In Kaltenkirchen, near Hamburg, dodenhof has a 50.000 m² household furnishing store and a fashion and sports goods store. dodenhof has 2.500 employees and, since its foundation in 1910, the company has been run continuously by the Dodenhof family, now in its fourth generation of management.