Digital order processing

For many retail companies, delivery processes are the Achilles’ heel of order processing. The lack of transparency in these processes results in considerable risks. Digital order processing is the best way to make delivery processes risk-free.

Errors can easily occur when information is entered manually and documents are often incomplete or even incorrect. The high amount of paper involved in the analogue delivery process also complicates the traceability and transparency of the processes. Often the employees are still busy with the postprocessing for a long time even after the completion of the tours. The lack of real-time information between driver and back office also slows down processes such as tour changes or returns.

Thanks to E2E, XXXLutz was able to switch completely from the formerly paper-based furniture delivery process to digital order processing. The processes are now faster, more transparent and risk-free. The employees are connected via tablet PC to all required IT systems of the company on the road. This offers comprehensive support in the implementation of the individual work steps.

Digitized work steps:

  • tour assignment and tour selection
  • query tour information
  • view loading lists
  • confirm tour stop/completion
  • delivery time recording
  • acquisition of signed customer documents
  • payment information

How our

solution works?

  • Integration of mobile devices via REST Services
  • Integration of the backend application landscape (merchandise management system, document management, intranet, etc.)
  • Data mapping and data integration from different source systems
  • Automatic detection of tour changes
  • Mapping and control of each tour by the E2E Process Engine
  • Interfaces for loading metadata, tours, queries and feedback of tours and the tour completion message
  • Data communication security (login, session handling)

Our solution

is tried and tested:

  • > 20.000 delivery journeys
  • > 100.000 client orders
  • > 500.000 delivery items
  • Reduction of paper documents from about 500.000 to 0

All advantages at a glance


Complete digitalization

of the delivery process (Zero Paper)


Optimized process

slimmer, faster & more agile


Immediate availability

of information

strukturierter Prozess

Reduction of the number of errors

and document losses


Cost reduction

through fewer media breaks


Improved traceability

through continuous process mapping


Middleware Basis

for future digitalization


Increasing the ‘Digital Maturity’

from the customer’s point of view