Digital Document Management

Orders are entered manually in your company, the document search is time-consuming and there is no process monitoring? With Digital Document Management you can optimize all your order processes.

Manual tasks lead to long processing times until a document is retrievable in the archive, process defects are not recognized and documents are captured multiple times or are lost in the worst case.

Solution: The implementation of an integrated control process for digitizing, indexing and archiving all incoming documents: Digital Document Management. In the graphic you can see one of our projects from the financial sector. The process can be easily transferred to other areas. Corebanking describes software that supports the core processes of a bank, such as classic payment transactions.

Process Steps

1. Document digitization
  • Processing automatically scanned documents
  • Attach Fax and Email Processing
  • Direct process start via user desktop integration
2. Conversion
  • Conversion into a standardized PDF/A document
  • Integration of document conversion software
  • Intelligent error handling for conversion errors
  • Monitoring and Synchronous User Information
3. Validation
  • Real-time validation of indexation data against the Core Banking System
4. Indexation
  • E2E Indexing Frontend for Manual Indexing
  • Connection of further Indexing Apps
5. Order creation in the Core Banking System
 6. Archiving documents
 7. Interfaces to archived documents

All advantages at a glance



of the process


Indexing process

efficient & in higher quality


Possibility of prioritisation

document processing


Immediate comparison

of the indexing metadata against the Core Banking System


Automated order creation

and order completion in the Core Banking System


High transparency

of process flows



centrally integrated & active


No multiple measurements

and document losses