What our customers say

40% less integration cost, SAP 5 x more rapidly integrated and everything operational according to business plan.

– Laurent Christen, former Head of Direct Sales, Nikon Europe BV

Based on E2E’s model-driven approach, we are reshaping our publishing business in such a way, that we can react in agile, secure and scalable fashion to the ever changing world of media.

Volker Dirksen, Head of IT, Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster

EVN SAP Integration

The high ROI was decisive in the selection of E2E. This unique approach will lead to substantial productivity gains for the entire organization – for years to come.

Robert Redl, CIO, EVN AG

Process integration & automation are essential growth engines. With E2E we have the perfect partner to stay in control as we re-wire our business processes.

Fernand Portnenier, Head of IT, Ypsomed

Our IT department can now quickly meet the challenges set by our operations team. Regartless of where the request comes from, be it management, logistic department, within the delivery chain or form another area, with E2E BRIDGE we can deliver the solution independently and fast.

– Carl van Rijsewijk, Manager ICT, Welkoop

The E2E BRIDGE was selected based on development speed ability to reduce total cost, architectural flexibility and an unprecendented approach to software quality – the perfect complement to SAP PI.

Dr. Ralf Banning, Senior Consultant, contexo


With E2E we have full control over every single step during the restructuring of our sales processes.

Peter Temperli, CFO, PKZ Group

Dodenhof IT Modernisierung

Thanks to E2E BRIDGE we can avoid a big-bang-modernization with an uncertain outcome. Old systems will be contained and, fully controled, replaced with new functions.

Andreas Iken, CIO, Dodenhof

The new system saves us time, the necessary security checks are completed quickly and securely, the workload on the Police and the State Administration Department is eased and the current bottleneck in applications will cease.

– Klaus Bouillon, Minister for the Interior of The Saarland


E2E brings technical and non-technical stakeholders to the table. This guarantees business-oriented process integration without misunderstandings.

Peter Temperli, CFO, PKZ Group

A few days before going live, we had to upgrade our Order management System. With a traditional approach, such a last minute change would have caused 3-5 months delay. The E2E BRIDGE allowed us to go live as originally planned.

Markus Witschi, Operations Manager SME Business Unit, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

The E2E BRIDGE is a universal, easy-to-learn tool, which we employ for all our use cases in the domains of process and system integration.

Volker Dirksen, Head of IT, Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster

In line with our experience in the market, we anticipated a project duration of two months for the realization of the interfaces for our new POS system. Using E2E BRIDGE we realized the interfaces by ourselves in under two weeks.

– Carel van Rijsewijk, Manager ICT, Welkoop

The E2E BRIDGE allows Swisscom to reach all its business objectives without compromise – and in record time! This is exactly the level of nusiness agility we were looking for.

Markus Witschi, Operations Manager SME Business Unit, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

E2E reduced the complexity of integration so much, that business users were able to lead the project.

Laurent Christen, former Head of Direct Sales, Nikon Europe BV

Dodenhof IT Modernisierung

The modernization of our IT landscape in risk-free steps has been made possible by E2E BRIDGE.

Andreas Ilken, CIO, Dodenhof

The E2E BRIDGE is the organic glue which integrates our processes with the central SAP system. Its lean and transparent approach keeps all stakeholders involved.

– Fernand Portenier, Head of IT, Ypsomed