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Success Factor Process Efficiency

High frequency of changes, governmental dead-lines, and significant risk and compliance requirements are characteristics of the upcoming challenges in a de-regulated energy market. The E2E BRIDGE enables our clients to implement new policies and control their compliance with no impact on operational efficiency.

The diversity of challenges and the time pressure on their solution will lead to higher demand for integration in a number of technology areas and cross-cutting concerns. Optimal process efficiency therefore is the strategic goal for energy suppliers. Ever increasing requirements for compliance and control create a high demand for accessible master data and process data, while at the same time asking for fine-grained identity and access management and monitoring. Traditional integration approaches are at the end of their wits.

Well-known Energy Suppliers are amongst the first clients of our fully model-based integration approach. The unique duality of “documentation = production system” leads to a new level of transparency in organizations with complex infrastructure responsibilities, which in turn significantly contributes to risk reduction.

Security and Compliance

The E2E Interceptor, implementing the separation of cross-cutting, non-functional concerns like security or compliance, offers additional value to energy suppliers. Please your auditors by demonstrating your model-based, self-documenting enforcement of policies, that are not buried deeply in technically complicated implementations.

We support in you in re-assessing your service architecture, and getting the maximum value out of your past and ongoing investments.

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