Integration Consulting

In today’s connected world, the term integration means a lot more than just connecting systems. For the modern enterprise, integration means orchestrating many systems into value chains, spread across different domains, internal as well as external in the Cloud. This means, integration is no longer a trivial discipline – it is a major challenge, as well as an opportunity. And as processes change over time, integration strategies should not follow static concepts, but instead act dynamically.

We bring more than 20 years integration experience to the table. We can pinpoint your individual options for you and show you step by step how you can evolve from classic legacy integration into the modern age of business-driven process integration.


Our services include

  • Assessment of your application integration strategy and landscape. As a delivery, you’ll receive an in depth report including a risk analysis.
  • Developing a blueprint for a future-proof integration strategy for your enterprise. We’ll base our proposal on your frame conditions, e.g. what technologies you’d like us to retain, or if you’d like to replace them by Cloud offerings.
  • Assistance by experienced IT-integration professionals for your ongoing integration efforts, to help you develop a project-specific integration architecture and to implement the architecture together with your key stakeholders and vendors of choice.