Enterprise Architecture

The foundations of a healthy enterprise are a healthy enterprise architecture strategy, which can effectively cope with ongoing change in your business environment. Modern enterprise architectures achieve this via a rigorously business-oriented and often a heavily model-driven approach.


IT leaders are faced with the challenge to guarantee stability and safety of the core systems for mission-critical operations. On the other hand, these core systems need to be connected again and again with new systems (e.g. WCMS, Multi-Chanel e-Marketing, Cloud, etc.). This dilemma results quite often in business-IT communications that are governed by finger pointing, losing of sight of what’s relevant for the continuous development of the enterprise and its future success.

We can point you into new directions to adapt your enterprise architecture so it is able to cope with this complexity, while at the same time fostering a collaborative, goal-oriented approach between business and IT, resulting in fewer misunderstandings and better requirements gathering.

Stephan Prinzkosky

Stephan Prinzkosky

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