Business Process Management

The biggest hurdle in Business Process Management is the efficient support of your real-life processes by your IT systems. Many organizations taking on this challenge fail for one of two main reasons:

  • Processes are analyzed and implemented as-is in the organization’s ERP system. However, changes and improvements are not easily implemented and typically ask for substantial investments in time and Money.
  • Processes are analyzed and improved before being implemented in the company’s ERP system, thereby asking for users to change their way of working.

As a result, the business departments sooner or later experience a gap between their daily life and what their ERP supports. This leads to double work, shadow bookkeeping, workarounds in MS-Access or MS-Excel and the like. Once in use, these workarounds cannot be disposed off easily. In the end, the typical IT organization cannot support the business efficiently, which by itself imposes a significant business risk.

E2E’s strategy is to implement business processes as they are in daily life, using existing IT systems where possible, and implement process changes (see Business Process Improvement) from there. In order to enable lean and agile process improvement we bring our Bridge-Technology into your organization, which incorporates 20 years of experience in tackling this very challenge. And we show you ways to improve your processes step-by-step, with full support by your IT.

Stephan Prinzkosky

Stephan Prinzkosky

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