Release BRIDGE 7 


Info brochure

Our info brochure for BRIDGE 7 covers all the information and features of our new release in a compact manner.

The release of BRIDGE 7 is available since August 2018. Next to new bookable options like API-Management and new features like OData Support, the BRIDGE will come in a revised design. In addition, we implemented operational and technical improvements, that are described in detail in the following overview page.

BRIDGE 7 in neuem Design


Main Features

  • API Management
  • E2E Process Dashboards

New Adapters

  • OData Support
  • EDI

Continuous Delivery with E2E BRIDGE

Operational Improvements

  • Windows Server 2016
  • New BRIDGE Design
  • Improved Search in Log Files
  • Configurable Service Port Numbers

Technical Changes

New features for modelers

Main Features


The API-Management of E2E offers a maximum of control regarding administration and optimization of your APIs. You can setup different permission levels for usage and administration of APIs, services and clients, and control the publishing of contracts in real-time in a flexible way. Access to the interfaces is possible either via (immutable) contracts or via use of public APIs.

The API Management solution has three components which can be deployed on different host to get maximum performance and stability:

  • BRIDGE GATEWAY Server enforce all the policies at runtime. It is powered by Eclipse Vert.x to get maximum performance with low resource consumption.
  • BRIDGE GATEWAY Manager can manage one or more BRIDGE GATEWAYS.
  • BRIDGE Auth Server does authentication of service consumers and service developers.
API Management mit BRIDGE 7

E2E Process Dashboards

The E2E Process Dashboards have been completely redesigned. The new Scheer E2E Process Analytics allows for intuitive and easy creation of new analyses and comes with significant performance improvements.

New Adapters


The EDI Adapter now also supports OFTP2 and AS2 formats:

  • OFTP 2 is a specification for the secure transfer of business documents over the Internet
  • AS2 is a specification about how to transport data (like Edifact documents) securely and reliably over the Internet

The feature includes pre-built service templates including a user interface for configuration of transport channels and communication partners.

ODATA Support

The E2E BRIDGE now supports OData for querying and updating databases using REST. The protocol allows Web clients to get, publish and edit database resources using simple HTTP messages.

Using OData, you can easily integrate with SAP NetWeaver Gateway, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Sharepoint and more.

Continuous Delivery with E2E BRIDGE

Header E2E BRIDGE 7
  • Based on a straightforward and repeatable process, the continuous delivery approach helps with building, testing and releasing software faster. You can automate your build, deploy, and testing processes using an automation tool together with the E2E command line tools.
  • For automation purposes, all functions of E2E BRIDGE can be accessed via a REST interface.

Operational Improvements

Windows Server 2016

  • Windows Server 2016 now is supported officially as a system to run the E2E BRIDGE on.

New BRIDGE Design

  • We have redesigned the user interface of the E2E BRIDGE to give you a smoother user experience.
BRIDGE 7 in neuem Design

Improved Search in Log Files

  • We have refurbished the Logging tab in the user interface of the E2E BRIDGE. You now can use regular expression to search the logs and even search throughout all existing logfiles of the service.
Logging Tab in BRIDGE 7

Configurable Service Port Numbers

  • Front-end service port numbers now are configurable on the E2E BRIDGE.
Port Konfigurierung mit BRIDGE 7

Technical Changes

We updated some underlying software to newer versions:

  • Node.js updated to version 8 (Carbon)
  • JRE updated to version 8u153
  • proxy updated to Apache httpd version 2.4

New Features for Modelers

Lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes for E2E BUILDER, E2E ANALYZER and E2E BRIDGE help developers to create better services:

  • extended BRIDGE API: delete service, export xUML service, deploy service, get/put global setting variables, get/delete service sessions, kill service
  • REST, HTTP and SOAP services support IPv6
  • REST Adapter supports media type parameters
  • SQL Adapter requests can be cancelled
  • Improved BPMN root state machine with more complex error and retry handling
  • File System Adapter and Flat File Adapter allow for setting a static root path together with a dynamic file name
  • Analyzer allows to start a test suite via command line
BPMN State Machine Grafik in BRIDGE 7