BPMN process modeling for your company

BPMN Engine & Integration Middleware combined

With the graphical specification language Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), business processes can be mapped transparently and comprehensively. The use of BPMN and the modeling language UML forms the basis of our award-winning model-based approach.

Transparency and comprehensibility are the central requirements of process modeling. Thanks to comprehensive analysis dashboards, there is always a 360-degree overview of all IT systems and processes involved.

E2E BRIDGE is both a BPMN engine and a middleware (ESB provider). This enables both modeling and execution of business processes. The technical integration is seamlessly combined with the business process. The E2E Process Engine ensures a correct, transparent and transaction-safe execution of the processes.

E2E Process Engine

The E2E Process Engine, as an integral part of the E2E BRIDGE, enables seamless use of all integration features of your host. For modeled BPMN processes, E2E BRIDGE automatically provides Web services for interaction with the process. The user interacts with the workflow through user interfaces. The modeling of these web-based UIs is done entirely on the E2E BRIDGE. The UIs can easily be used for the visualization of process data or manual control. The E2E Process Dashboard also enables an evaluation of the process runs.

Our experience with the BPMN model

The advantages of modeling processes can be clearly demonstrated with our project at the state police in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. E2E BRIDGE enabled the digitization of the security audit. The BPMN model made the various administrative processes transparent and the defined process could then be executed directly on the E2E BRIDGE. The technical implementation of the individual process steps took place in UML models. The administration process now runs automatically in 85% of cases. The effort was reduced and the quality of the checks improved.

In our free case study about our project at the state police in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland you will find detailed information about process digitization.

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BPMN Models for Execution on the E2E BRIDGEUML models for the integration of information systemsUser interface models for user interaction
With the help of BPMN, the complex process flow of the safety review could be modelled. E2E BRIDGE executes these models directly and thus guarantees an automated, correct and transparent process.During process execution, all information systems concerned were integrated with UML models. By preventing media breaks, quality is increased and process throughput time is reduced. Failures of the external systems are handled by an automatic retry mechanism.Various E2E user interfaces were modeled on the E2E BRIDGE for the state police stations. Manual processing steps were made possible and information about running processes was displayed.