The ever increasing presence of the internet in everyone’s live forces retail companies to rethink their sales and distribution processes. Social networks and easily accessible product comparison platforms nag at customer’s loyalties and support their independent decision making. At the same time, new sales channels are opening as potential customers navigate through various network communities. The challenge is to provide a satisfying customer experience on all channels, 24/7, as customers switch between channels even within one order process (e.g. placing the order from their PC at home and tracking the delivery status on a mobile device next day).

We support you in creating this consistent and satisfactory customer experience across all channels. Our Retail Integration Solution creates a consolidated view of your customer and product information in almost no time. You can continue running your existing IT infrastructure! The result: POS, ERP, logistics, customer retaining programs etc. fuse into one consolidated view, creating a new level of understanding of your customer’s behaviour and needs.

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